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Welcome to Nümbrecht

Would you like an active holiday in the Oberberg region or to just get away from it all on a short trip? To put feeling good, relaxing and enjoying life with all your senses first for once? Then it’s time for a change of scene.

Change of Scene

Short and good. Even a mini-weekend can work wonders.

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Gourmet Weekend

Have a feast!
From rustic to chic – all in one weekend.

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Hikeable Oberberg

Oberberg discovery tour

Enjoy a short holiday in the Oberberg region, with its magnificent landscapes and unique views.

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Fascination of Golf

Oberberg Golf Club

Golf in the Oberberg countryside from Friday to Sunday

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Pamper Weekend

Get away from it all for a bit – and enjoy the pleasure of being pampered

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Game Time

Game buffet

With specialities of venison and boar from our own hunting grounds

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Turn of the Year

From 29.12.2020 to 01.01.2021

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